letras de 13th century cowboy – skippin’ school

por favor espere um momento...

early morning feelin’ good not coming i ain’t rude

screw that not for me skippin’ school the way to be

i’m having fun
and you can’t say the same

i got better things to do
than sit in some old cold room
having fun on my own time
and not wasting the taxpayer’s dime

try and tell me what to do?
well that’ll make me feel blue

guys, there’s better things to do than sit in a dumb room all day
and learn something you’re never gonna put to use
just so some government employee can tell you you did good
have fun

put down the ap textbook
put down your aice textbook
have fun, get a girlfriend, get a job
learn something useful
prepare for the rest of your life
do something productive

- letras de 13th century cowboy

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