letras de 1221 – smoke

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[verse 1] (1221)

p~ssy n~gga talkin sh~t, imma stomp his face, i don’t let sh~t slide, say it to my face, p~ssy boi wanna try me, he can get it
i want all the smoke, p~ssy, lets get it, i wanna fight till u finished, this sh~t get messy i’m wit it
u n~ggas pressed and i did it
what the f~ck u wanna do, p~ssy n~gga im wit (2x)
we can throw some hands and throw some hands, to see who gonna finish
he run up on me i finish him, beat his ass and diminish him
beat his ass make him feel the sh~t, got that blade i could cut his sh~t
cut his throat that should finish him, or instead i could bust his sh~t
i’m so m~th~f~ckin rowdy, howdy b~tch, run it up b~tch, you ain’t tryin sh~t, u don’t want no smoke b~tch, i can cut yo sh~t up, i can stick it in yo sh~t
b~tch i let that sh~t, rip (2x)
got that blade on my hip, if he want, i stick in his sh~t
merry christmas that’s yo muthf~ckin gift
if a p~ssy n~gga talk sh~t imma slaughter him, i hate b~tch ass cappers
i know a lot of them, i be mia, i vlone, at my own risk, i only f~ck wit people i know
ie is the cliquе, f~ck yo clique, i don’t f~ck with them
yous a b~tch, u be talkin sh~t, lеt my n~gga smokebomb finish him
finnish him, diminish him, f~ckin finish him

[verse 2] (smoke bomb)

i’m a flow demon with a submachine jawline
they said they wanted smoke but got a bomb mixed with a livewire
replenished fear, the evil sh~t i wire crossed a fine line
decimation clear, weaved inside the backend of their sight
body em for talking sh~t
built with no ctrl, alt ~ delete the crip
on solace could’ve sworn we blood bros
want my ex to drop dead, f~ck the b~tch
i’m heavy ‘gainst the grain i’m bringing heavy grit
i’m tearing up my lane and lighting up

- letras de 1221

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