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you not even gang bro i don’t know how you got into that, keep on f~ckin cappin til i knock him out his fitted cap, if we take all your sh~t man i promise you won’t get it back, said that he want beef like mortal kombat ima finish that, she is not your b~tch and if she is then why i’m hitting that? we at the hotel & i can show you where the business at. flexing all them chains then we gon shoot him where he glisten at, this man is a loser why he begging for the kitten back? i don’t even want her when i’m done i am dismissing that. he be ratting in his statemеnts we won’t get in to that, if they pass thе chopper then you know that i am ripping that, if her ass is fat then you know that i am gripping that. if they pass the bottles then you know that i am sipping that. stand tall with my n~ggas man you know there ain’t no getting back. if they hit a l!ck on us then i swear to god we get ‘em back. (i just got a check) and i’m spending that we gon spin the block if he get up then we spin it back show you what this wrist do n~gga show me where the kitchen at. robbing n~ggas left and right show me where the chicken at shooting at his tires all the rubber round his rims is flat
ditch his body in the woods can’t find out where he’s missing at. i say what i want there are no mother f~cking strings attached. i came with a gun so when they shoot then i am shooting back. came straight out the trenches and i promise i’m not moving back. (you are not tough you just cap for the f~ckin snap, watch who you trust ima shoot you in the f~ckin back i don’t wanna talk if we’re not talking bout a f~ckin rack i don’t wanna talk if we’re not talking bout a f~ckin bag

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