letras de 116 – stand strong (2 thessalonians)

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1:]
take a seat
let’s get into this
there’s been a challenge to the truth
but there’s defense for this
since paul’s first letter there’s been need for another one
cause the other one was compromised by a cover up another one
cause some of us
thought paul was sending… wait
slow up, let’s just start from the beginning
first, paul felt morally indebted just to give thanks
for our faith and increased love toward the saints
for this reason paul bragged on us
because we all persevered through attacks on us
and these attacks are evidence of his righteous judgment
proof we’ve been proven worthy of a righteous covenant
and don’t sweat the hatters because god is just
to punish them and give you rest so in god we trust
so until the lord comes back to take us home
persevere through afflictions baby and stand strong

stand strong in the faith
persevere through the pain
this adversity and hate
do it all in jesus name (do it do it)
the lord is coming back, yep
coming coming back, yep
the lord is coming back, yep
coming coming back
see the lord is coming back
he gon free us from affliction
don’t get lazy in the back stay focussed on the mission (stay focussed)
so stand strong in the faith, yep
strong in the faith, yep
strong in the faith, yep
stand strong in the faith
[verse 2:]
now there are some of us who have been tricked into believing
all kinds of rumors about the return of jesus
apparently there was a letter with false intent
bent on contradicting the first letter paul sent
so this is paul’s response to end the myth
that says the day of the lord, is in our midst
don’t let anyone deceive you i beseech you
hold fast to the lessons in which we teach you
remember when paul was with us he said these things
first rebellion
then comes the lawless man on the scene
then lawlessness, all of this so man would call on his name
as he’s exalting his name, to where the father’s is
but, at this point, we’ve been long gone with christ
the rapture is a sn~tching not him coming back twice
they’re separate and the day of the lord happens after you
this is not for your calendar but to strengthen your character


[verse 3:]
finally brothers, paul evokes our memory
christ is faithful in affliction, just be genuine inwardly
committed to praying daily cause we’re fighting an enemy
trying to take me out the battle by using the sin in me
and speaking of sin, paul charges us in
staying away from the lazy and rebellious idle men
in hopes our actions would invoke some action
paul’s first letter warned and they ignored his passion
now the churches reaction has to be more drastic
in hopes that they grasp it
and then repent of their actions
let’s recall paul’s behavior when he stayed with us
and how he labored night and day and never made a fuss
man paul is our model that we should be following
if a man doesn’t work then that man shouldn’t eat
take note of those who disobey this command
stand strong and quote, “i wrote this letter with my own hand” (paul)

- letras de 116

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