letras de 116 clique – hurr they come

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hurr they come (json)

(soldiers for christ, look hurr they come)

verse 1:

you catch us in the long t’s, fitted hats, it ain’t suits that we wearin’.
well how can we tell you christian? ’cause the fruit that we bearin’.
see, a seed was planted that produced salvation, we’re filled with the spirit so we the bear the fruit of galatians, man (c’mon!).
and when you see us, we ain’t unwrappin’ them switches (nope), we’ve been given the sack of forgiveness, we crakin’ them scriputures, man (wooh!).
so you gonna notice we gonnna post with our life (post with our life!).
we stand on the word with boldness, ’cause we soldiers for christ (we soldiers for christ!)!
look, we something like them dudes from 116.
we ain’t ashamed, forget one mic, give me one more script (but i ain’t ashamed!).
so i can begin to take the truth to the block.
uproot the dudes that been duped, ’cause you can get loose on your rock (can get loose on your rock!).
but move to the rock, believe me, the truth’ll hold ya.
we’re wet with the living water, like a super soaker (a super soaker).
who can hold us back? it’s a group of soldiers.
lone on the holy ghost so you can lose the dozier (c’mon, c’mon!).


we ain’t drinkin’ licker (nope!)!
we ain’t blowin’ trees (uh-uh!)!
our life has been surrendered (yep)!
we want to know he’s pleased (c’mon!)!
but you might see us with the cross on the block.
posted, shining like diamonds, ’cause we glossin’ the rock! c’mon! (x2)

verse 2:

takin’ the gospel across the globe, the book of acts is clurr (yep!).
man, god is all around like the atmosphurr (fo sho!).
the tactic ‘currs for you to get a piece of this matchless love that covers you up like a sheet on a mattress (wooh!).
get above the average, his blood is captured

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