letras de 115tri – silence 4

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ayy, i’m with the pack like we the lab rats, you know that i can fact that, they beefin’ on the insta chats but how is they in combat?
you know your heart is see through, my hitta’ put a hole or two
you got to runnin’ when that beam blew, apply pressure like shampoo
you wanted the beef but you duckin’ like donald
n~ggas coming for me but they just wanna holla’
b~tch i’m coming for you and its gon’ be colossal
bust his cranium then bury him like a fossil
ayy ayy
hit you in ya’ stomach you feelings
100 bands i ain’t doing no stealing
b~tch i’m off my ass why you too busy dealing
n~ggas ballin’ they higher than the f~cking ceiling
we dressed in black with drac’s and tac’s i hit with the 40 thats how i attack
i’ma keep it a rack i do sh~t with the guns
but a n~gga can still find a way to get smacked
and i’m clutching the bl!cky only for my mama
b~tch i’m going in and n~ggas want all the drama
why n~ggas been a goat and you just a llama
i ain’t never been broke all i see is comma’s
b~tch i make n~ggas cry you can call me a onion
hop on the set i ain’t doing no running
n~ggas talk all that sh~t but they all way in london
got these bands in my lap ain’t no need to be thugging
i’m cold with this sh~t like my first name was ice
b~tch i don’t take long but i do it precise
and i do it alone i don’t need no advise
now we search through ya’ house just like we some mice
he said he the hardest but turned to a gummy
they call him real i call him a flunky
i’m here for the love they here for the money
if my shooters don’t k!ll him then he getting lucky
ayy who want the smoke cause you know i’m selling it
if you asking for beef i’ma come where you dwelling at
hoe watch ya’ tone who the f~ck is you yelling at
don’t come round with guns n~gga we repelling that
we hold up sisters and brothers don’t give a f~ck bout’ the others
my n~ggas really some hunters don’t hide cause we put you under
and b~tch i’m hotter than thunder n~ggas call me a conductor
shorty you really a runner n~ggas throw him in the gutter (yeah yeah)
he think he gon’ run i don’t think so, i’m big homie b~tch i’m head huncho
back to the basic’s quando rondo
one phone call my n~ggas on go
(ayy ayy)
shots rain on the opp’s house like a spillage
p~ssy n~gga playing tryna’ f~ck up my image
hole in his head like its motherf~ckin’ drillage
we tote drac’s why you n~ggas tote vintage
n~ggas turned fake so my window’s tinted
get a n~gga lost now his t~shirt printed
aimbot n~gga they call me gifted
two shots in his heart now his b~tch ass winded
got paid some cash you know i spent it, i’m leaving n~ggas winded
this sh~t i’m finna’ end it no wonder why i’m winning

- letras de 115tri

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