letras de 10tails – answer {unreleased}

por favor espere um momento...

{verse: 10tails}
i swear that you don’t want problems
i swear that you don’t want drama
he was my partner he turned to an oppa
and this chopper is hot like a mother f~cking sauna
wearing all black like i stay in wakanda
we is gone ball like a (inaudible) a sauna
i pour a four in my mother f~cking fanta
i want it black man i feel like a panther
and i’m not from the trenches i’m not from the slammer
i asked a question so give me a answer
you is irrelevant you is a random
and you know my diamonds they glow
i say that every song so you better just know
and i’m fly like a bird yeah i’m fly like a crow
and no i ain’t talking itachi
vv my neck i got icе on my body
he said he won’t smoke thеn he better come try me
gold on my wrist that sh~t looking shiny
shawty she toxic she stay acting grimy
and she said i’m rude, she said i’m mean, i don’t want you i just want anything that’s green
and lil shawty a hoe so i pass to the team
and if he want a feat he gone pay me a fee

{verse: bern0botled}
boy i’m so hot yeah i look like wasabi
i got the diamonds all over my body
if i am travis then baby you kylie
bolted get rich i said little bro probably
i’m in the a and i stay in the telly i’m not hollywood say “wassup” in the lobby yeah
he really goofy a little bit sn0bby
i can’t be a menace could never be bobby
i run to the green like its brains for the zombies
uh yes
i stay in j~pan but i got me some pocky
i might be the best but ill never be c~cky
i feel like i’m screw i’m a little but choppy

- letras de 10tails

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