letras de 10shen – psycho mantis

por favor espere um momento...

de~deadly as ever
i might get to severin’
you get beheaded
we put it on decorates
know any better you’ll leave our direction
and stay with a weapon or you’ll need a blessing

she call me a psycho i like to dissect her
you walk with a rifle but soft like a feather
my b~tch homicidal like i’m f~cking dexter
i knock on your vitals ain’t no life detected

you bark but you silent (uh huh)
when my heaters pull up with the silencers (b~tch)
get you p~ssed and no joking about violence (ah huh)
we just take and we get what we eyeing b~tch (vein)
keep a blade to your neck so don’t try us
on the block we gone step and defile your b~tch
watch out for the red dot on your eyes (on your eyes)
call the ambulance in case we don’t like you b~tch

shoutout x cause its f~kemweball (f~ck ’em, we ball)
turn your man to a stain on the wall
got your b~tch while you singing my song
got you bucking then turn to a crawl
i won’t hit up a l!ck cause i make my own sh~t but
if i catch you tripping you falling again
we gon’ empty your pockets
i’m not being c~cky
so follow this sh~t like the law
it’s a tip
i don’t really like this sh~t
will a motherf~cker pipe your b~tch
when i pull up it’s on sight you b~tch
will i fight no fist
it’s a syndicate on nike no sh~t
we shoot no fl!ck
i’m criminal like michael blitz
will the white glove fit
like simpson
i~i~i just hit a white lil b~tch
on christ i sin
but i really gotta light this spliff
phantom but we really psycho mantis

- letras de 10shen

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