letras de 10shen – kurt angle on a christian

por favor espere um momento...

why so silent?

i just know you motherf~ckers dead to me
back to back
it’s cap we know you camping
take a rest
load my automatic
semi on your motherf~ckin’ head
like it’s trunks
i’m back to past to make you motherf~ckers rested

suicidal binge
homicide my sin
all to die
in time we will forget
cards we dealt with
ride or die you know you getting bricked
cons and k!llers tick~tick~tick
tickin’ on your wrist
make that money flip
make that money~

your girl give me brain
you ’bout tough talk
all bark no bite when pulling up on vein
get you cut
no shark we bite
you silicone you fake
better buck homie
your pump walk said l!ck me for chain
need a crutch
lots we know these b~tches spineless to they tail
hit a stain with the f~cking blade
when it’s 3:00 am i come awake
in the mud we paint
blood up on the ceilin’
on my face
know you see the hate
anger ‘gainst these b~tches
f~cking rage
and i pull up
kurt angle on a christian

mangle up your b~tch aye
f~ck round get the clip aye
ain’t talking about no vid’ aye
your life is a mistake
your capping smell like fish fillet
since i was a jit aye
i hated all these kids aye

- letras de 10shen

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