letras de 10shen – 3am // tendencies

por favor espere um momento...

i see a devil inside of me
in the night it reveal the dichotomy
recollect what i k!ll and decide to flee
restless so the pills end up finding me
this insomnia better not lie to me
keep awake with my memories blinding me
keep the blade it’s defense but it’s not in me
to take revenge on myself so i try to breath
i try to breath
but when you in your box it’s a luxury
but when you in your thoughts and they huddle in
60 minutes of dread before you slumbering
when you wake in the night on some other sh~t
heavy breathing with sweat on your covers sh~t
i think i seen a demon who suffering
in the mirror he feed with no cutlery

i~i been f~cking awake
my brain barking
i keep one
the blade
it’s alarming
with one eye the way of the markings
no patience
we armed to the t~~th
and the page shinigami
my pen is the naval of armies
you pay with your heart
if you show that you ain’t with the sergeants
it’s all in my cadence
we carvin’
sedated you caught up with
k9’s you pray that ain’t starvin’
you might get the same if you start with us
don’t f~ck with no sleep
the demons they come and repeat
th~the demons they nothing but heaters
we run in the streets
no feelings we cut and defeat
th~the sequence
we f~cking get bleedin’
i love when they scream
that sh~t feeding my gut with the fleas
i been seeing enough of you breathing
you f~ckers is weak
better leave when we come on the scene
i seen we getting up in this season

- letras de 10shen

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