letras de 10knyx – r.i.p

por favor espere um momento...

beast in my face
get knocked like this k~mite
at a ruling age, i been duel with gauge
shots blocked like i’m luke with cage
really past the stage where i knew the rage
you blew the wage so the rent late
and your mixtape be on tempe
but the kids hate
they want trendy sh~t to ingest
on the lit wave
but you don’t quit, word to kembe
cause you gotta know what the sеnsei
don’t wanna trap cause them jail datеs
big dilemmas just to get paid
another job still minimum
what you really love is the kicking drums
but you can’t run from no income
that’s a future that i can’t succumb
that’s an artist that i can’t become
cause i’m really wit it
finna rip it, i’m in it
the beat zipping, i’ma hit with precision
don’t sign a pippen, i ain’t doing no splitting
can’t do a gimmick
what’s the game’s mortality
all the lames been battling
i’m really back just rapping, g
y’all love tapping so i’m clapping, g
birthday money, go and grab a beat
work on sounds, that’s the half of me
i’ma mix myself
master that, do it all for the wealth
in the crib with this pain, i felt
might get clapped so i’m gone like phelps

- letras de 10knyx

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