letras de 10knyx – melanin

por favor espere um momento...

we got it popping
we pop up, they profit
the door, we not locking
give others an option
hate, we blocking
we ain’t come up to conflict
knowledge dropping
got the leaders with optics
join the rocket
going up, ain’t no dropship
control the pocket
put the trend to the topic
we create the culture
the land getting owners
take back from the vultures
a beautiful ocean
malcolm my opus
delivery potent
don’t go through the motions
you read up and focus
get hughes like a poet
my hue feeling golden
adding to the story
feel like royce
give it through the allegory
its been gory, going for it
check the glory
the record’s poorly in they hands
the system never understands
on our backs, how it stands
property, we demand
build within, how it’s ran
black~owned with the fam
sacrificed for the lands
don’t act with no spite
or forget all the plight
or freeze up from the ice
hampton fell for our flight
saw the light for the fight
got the mission in my sights
i saw luther king, couldn’t fold
fit the vision, gotta skip the mold
react with actions, i can’t even hold
product packing, it ain’t even sold
african gold

- letras de 10knyx

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