letras de 10knyx – hov flow

por favor espere um momento...

guard the cage
locked away
all these thoughts will age
watch the monster rage
watch the stage
they got offer slaves to the music game
say “they got it made”
big frauds
keeping big logs
that’s the list y’all
i know they faking the big bars
i know they flexing but rent cars
big stars
quote on quote
but i see the hope in the bars i wrote
it’s more than music if we getting to it
experience, i’m the biggest student
i been working on just being fluent
give em worship but you know they judas
know your purpose and the perc you using
know the capping cause i been the truest
don’t amuse it
i’m not playing
more to music
i’m just saying
spitting buddhist
i’m not laying
this the newest
get to paying
switch it up til i pop
new drip when it drop
sample flip then they flop
i’m not planning with the opps
that ain’t nothing i’ma stop
on the terrace, i’m tearing it
airing it
out on my arrogance
f~ck the embarrassments
guarding my heart but you know i’m still wearing it
up on the sleeve
music i need
cop be on leave
want me to bleed
but i’m on the parallel
picked and i’m parishing
i been aware of it
done with you flaring it
i never care and sh~t

- letras de 10knyx

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