letras de 10kmusic – wrap it up

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intro [yung s] gonna bring out my inner demon,too fast, with the fast and furious,yea i got punchlines and i rap,so good and i got the best times,because i’m spitting fact’s when i say someone needs to shut you up

pre verse[ 10kmusic ] yea let’s wrap this bullsh~t up, time for some exposing though, yea, yeah time for some exposing though

i was having a little withdrawals from beef, but when you reminded me of meds sh~t i thought of adderall again, and i felt the energy course through my brain and give me energy, so now i’m writing this b~tch stеadily, for two b~tches named seth and mckеnzie, ever since you talked about adderall and 2023 my song revenue has went up significantly, f~ck the peace here’s your beef, yea them promotion apps you got for soundclound aren’t working lewis robinson looking ass go back with those glasses, you aren’t seeing clearly, can’t even spell correctly, why do you care so much about my vocal tone are you attracted to me, cause matthew will f~ck you up b~tch, i’m from a city crime is so high you’ll cry in pity, it was really bad to diss me, 1316 north pontiac drive we’re rolling up on your family kenzie, now stop f~cking with me before i start having too dig mass graves for these beats, now just leave 10k alone cause he’s more fluent than you, i won this beef we can all agree, i smoke the joint put it out on your head you’re way more of a b~tch than me, and chief keef roll up on your mumble jumbo words, f~ck you didn’t even body that godzilla beat,your a disgrace to hip hop and all f~cking beefs, now stop acting like you can be eminem, not saying i am, you say i’m off beat, your ears are full of wax your not ever gonna meet s celebrity, cause i’m about to end your life g, been using milkmusic.org just look at his browsing history, you act like you tough but that video where you were taking a video on january 25 and your brother cousin or whoever the f~ck he was punched you so easily, its kinda funny your internet talker and your girl is a sl~t from the streets, stop you look 13 holding your nose, wait did you catch oral herpes already from kenzie, also what’s funny your so r~t~rded and have f~cked up ear drums, i said the n word apparently, clearly that wasn’t in my lyric sheet, you keep talking this sh~t you gonna need emergency personal to get you but you’ll already be in a pool of blood at the murder scene

- letras de 10kmusic

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