letras de 10kkev, teejayx6 & kasher quon – full of shit!

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: 10kkev]
(trapboy 3k)
let me talk to ’em

[verse: 10kkev, teejayx6 & kasher quon]
i’m precautious, all my whips windows bulletproof
touchin’ everybody til i get you, like it’s ”duck, duck, goose”
got a crazy trigger finger on me, that b~tch shoot, shoot, shoot
pulled up to they album release party, you heard “do, do, do”
n~ggas got a problem with me, but they won’t address it publicly
if they did, they’ll be dead, so it’s good for ’em luckily
military sig pistol bullet look like a fruit loop
green and yellow outfit on, you look like a fruit loop
my insides turn more purple every time i pour wockhardt deuce
blocked this one n~gga, he was hatin’ on my youtube
shot a hole in the wall with a ak, i need a new room
woke up out my sleep, somebody was tryna break in my room
f~ckin’ ’round with my white boys, i just did a couple of ‘shrooms
paid 15 hundred just to get my sh~t too groomed
purchased 20 phones to buy my tape off itunes
puttin’ n~ggas onto songs, if you ain’t catch on you buffoon
robbed a middle school full of kids, it was bethune
set myself on fire, tryna smoke in a dark room
robbed my lil cousin and dressed up with a costume
just seen a bum ass n~gga at the gas station sellin’ perfume
when your mans die, i’m p~ssin’ on his tombstone
use a translator, just to talk to juggs from rome
beatin’ on your b~tch, cause dynamic duo on her phone
bust my cousin ass for 2 thousand playin’ ping~pong
bust him in the head with a bottle, he got ringworms
i just committed 3rd degree murder on a teenager
he just tried to up a bankroll, but it was green paper
asked a n~gga for a backwood, he pulled out a green swisher
asked a n~gga, “where the hitech?”, he pulled out dark liquor
at 13 years old, i lost my virginity to my babysitter
just k!lled a old man, he kept lookin’ at my baby sister
you need to stop promotin’ show prices, cause ain’t n0body booking here
he wrote a whole book of statements, and they still end up booking him
he wore some black forces to school, and everybody started cooking him
left a dead body by that liquor store on fullerton
you a deadbeat father and you broke, you full of sh~t
deandre, you ain’t sh~t
i’ve been askin’ you to buy some baby milk for the last 3 months, and couldn’t even do it
you full of sh~t

- letras de 10kkev teejayx6 kasher quon

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