letras de 10kkev & camille – sunset

por favor espere um momento...

[10kkev verse]
wake up in the morning and get baked
it’s a pint in the fridge and two zips for me to face
looking at my juice like it’s well deserved
i’m tryna get fried out my mind, higher than a bird
when i’m high i don’t have no bad thoughts
ion think about the times we hit thrift shops, tryna get lacoste
or the fact i dropped out cause i wore the same clothes
before i made my first jugg page or ever hit the road
it feel good to have no worries and live care free
i had to jugg, it’s eat or be eaten, if you ask me
i always looked at scamming like i need it more than you
if you can get over, why not k!ll me, if that ain’t the truth
in the whip with 20 thousand on the head board
blowing on some high quality strands that you can’t afford
’bout to blow this scam money on a kit
camille got more money than everybody that you with
and she keep a pistol, ’bout to cover her neck in crystals
put a ring on it, now we got the same last initial
ass so fat that b~tch look artificial

[camille verse]
imma let you b~tches talk i got cash to get
bought my own exotics, while you b~tches got f~cked for it
unlike you hoes, ion gotta trick to live
i’m selling bundles on the jugg page, scamming kids
you got a baby on the way and don’t know whose it is
you jobless, but i’m your main concern
grew up to be a hoe, b~tch you is a waste of sperm
this drip cost some sh~t, it’s ‘gon be hard to copy
i got kev forever and he know he got me
right now, i’m smoking on zourz, this grade a cannabis flower
spending with no budget
just left sax, spent 7k, f~ck it

[10kkev & camille verse]
ain’t have the time to wait on a package, so i cashed it
smoking thraxx around some bum b~tch, i ain’t passing
i just caught my ex bum ass door dashing
b~tch you jumping d~ck to d~ck and you still broke
i just put two lines in a root beer float
i just bought me and kev the newest moncler coat
this her first time rapping and this sh~t ain’t wrote
b~tch said she ‘gon beat my ass and i almost choked

- letras de 10kkev camille

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