letras de 10k artist – wow [remix]

por favor espere um momento...

no autotune needed on this one, man

[verse 1]
eating up other rappers like i’m a cannibal
got no manners, no respect for others, i’m an animal
i’ma take shots at you and they gon’ be so powerful
then i come to your hood, i’m calm and casual
already got my money, already got my capital
but my passion is where my heart is, so that’s valuable
yeah, i’m english but you won’t catch me with a monocle
i won’t waste time on you ’cause everybody is subtractable
i got my head straight while y’all being diagonal
you’re not safe from the heat, everybody is flammable
i don’t just write lines, i got bars, they are mechanical
so now it’s time to go worldwide, i’m bored of being national
ladies stopping me in the street being all v~g~n~l
so i subtract their clothes, divide their legs, i am additional
when you drop your pants, they telling you it’s fractional
i’d ask you to come hang, but i guess that’s impractical
got a small group of friends and they are multi~national
i point out apostrophe mistakes, call me grammatical
my lyrics are so powerful, they say i’m supernatural
i don’t have one style, i pride myself in being adaptable
some of you don’t like my accent saying it’s not understandable
but i won’t be fake, sorry folks, it’s unchangeable
but you can’t ignore me, i enter rooms like a cannonball
some rappers looking at me like i’m attackable
but their grind is about releasing tracks semi~annual
i release weekly, i still feel that’s sub~optimal
don’t throw your views, everyone is collapsible
don’t cross me, i’m very bad at being forgivable
i lose my temper, i guess that makes me irrational
i dress smart, wear good brands and i’m fashionable
i drive in the fast lane, that makes me unpassable
everyone can play the good guy, it’s very actable
but i see right through you like i’m wearing my spectacles
just like i can see me and your mother are compatible
don’t blame her, i’m s~xy, and yeah it’s only natural
plus the gift i have is so intense it’s unnameable
i can’t stand people that are obviously very cynical
don’t give effort to the crafts, only producing minimal
having s~x with many women claiming to be biblical
i’m just stating facts and it’s all about the principle
working hard’s in my genes, it becomes traditional
unlike the titanic, i don’t claim to be unsinkable
everything i do is 100% original
it’s a remix, i guess i’m being hypocritical
but every song is different and i’m very unpredictable
i got strong views, i stay away from being political
i’m getting bigger with every track, far from invisible
just know i love y’all and it’s not conditional

- letras de 10k artist

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