letras de 100% – how i ate a walnut – ft.

por favor espere um momento...

i’m impossible like my collage hand it to you my wall art don’t got you fat blubber you’re
a stupid dope head if you’re already dead & menus i wrote an option for you to suffer
& material from my wall gonna give you death dude you need a venue option so
i drill your tooth like a mac big you need a general according to sargento’s
now i fidget with your wig & pocahontas, mulan, snow white, & cinderella need to get
an aerial view & your pig now has a venereal pack in his p~~p package if i’m a vote
then i laugh at pencil drinking beer mole needs molars to dig up moles back b~tch next
few raps got a role modal noted not better get to bed or you’ll get diarrhea & a vaccine
100% on the honor roles & i’m sewing you a hole in a toll booth now you got a tummy
ache you need to get absolute music my mic above my height like a berry bear
i’m on a statue you need a pedal for your sewing machine 100% want to know why you got
a soda pop & it ain’t cold or polar pop quick let us take a hit i’m better at a very fair rap
than you are dragon ball z dragon take a tums or you’ll have a hernia i better get a lyricist
credit and 100% have a crunch bar thinking dude, wap another bread loaf the size of a brick
cylinder i solute to you quick get a bong cause your hair on fire like an intelligent hottie
pop a percocet now i’m a project and i stole mexican film canisters just to film how i ate a walnut
i’m 100% on a fidget mountain with nail guns & imitation hairs is your body numb
or isn’t it that you’re matching a vp urinal with honey bunches let me guess your & your
patch on your skin peeing you did i make a fuel can run your air system to cool you off
& a bandwagon got you a jelly bean net now you abusing junk arts projects whatever
i have a bunch of buns in the backyard & i shin you over to shimmy & shim got my knees 100% writing you an industrialless the only role is a jazz task wine like a vacuum did you die instead
of me d~mn you need to get a radio station to remind me how you acting casual
& you’re gray~scale i’m on the new wave gonna fill you with color here’s a big mac
you got your assignment & you quit it now you a lazy back your landlord reminded you you’re turning into a terd pack 100% on the assessment need a bullet proof vest & i bet you should’ve thoroughly planned and made every investment if you want to die fine die be another death fine cause 100% & rap gonna laugh at you die

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