letras de 1 trait danger – too famous

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a lot of motherf~ckes is talking but they ain’t saying sh~t!

this just in 1 trait danger spotted at the top of the billboard charts
1 trait danger sells 50 million records
1 trait danger spotted on prime time with and exclusive interview with [?]

i’m too famous
don’t know wat your name is
met your father six times
but you lame, b~tch
come on over to my house and make a sandwich
mustard, mustard on both sides of the bread
not that dijon sh~t, we using yellow instead

[1 trait danger, donovan, kurt vonnegut]
‘hi, my name is donovan, i’m the pr rep for kurt vonnegut. i was thinking maybe we could have a meeting, quick?’
‘no, you make me wanna f~cking hock and spit, that old dumb mothеrf~cker writes books and sh~t!’
‘pen, pеn to the paper. oh, i’m so old, i’m wrinkly and lame, i don’t do coke anymore’

yo, hit up lombardi
let’s get faded, let’s go f~cking party
back of the ferrari, two red lights in the [?]
i’m doing coke off the bathroom floor
flyin’ off the highway
puking out the window
1 trait danger spotted in the new twilight movie with sheryl crow
1 trait danger spotted out with a couple of friends at a diner near olive garden having happy hour
tmc reports [?] 1 trait danger create a brand new beat, a brand new sound, and honestly a brand new album

i’m gonna look good forever
cause i hired an intern
and a professional trainer
bill gates is my neighbor
i got too much cash
and it’s all liquid assets
who’s that mowing my law?
uh oh that’s elon

i’m way too famous
don’t know what your name is
i got way too famous
bill gates is my neighbor

yeah, i’m way too famous
no, i don’t know what your name is
cause i’m way too famous
way too famous

aw, f~ck… forgot to plug in the godd~mn phone. well, i guess i’ll just go back to bed

- letras de 1 trait danger

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