letras de 1 trait danger – the call

por favor espere um momento...

~wakes up~
the f~ck?
oh my god, what the f~ck. how long have i been asleep?
f~cking black out curtains, dude. everytime. like f~cking turn on my phone, see what the f~ck i missed

[reviews on phone]
1 trait danger crowned the sh~tties artist of the last couple years
1 trait danger stays true to their album name, “softmore slump”
1 trait danger provides a new genre in music that no one asked for
1 trait danger nominated for a grammy in honor of breaking up and doing everyone a f~cking favor

~phone rings~

[chris lombardi over the phone]
hey this is chris lombardi. uh, just wanted to chat. i heard something about you guys arе breaking up? you’ve got a contract so that’s not happening

an opinion piеce: 1 trait danger is the reason i was bullied

[chris lombardi]
me and the boys are really excited to hear what you got. i think it’s gonna blow a lot of people’s minds

1 trait danger, my boss asked me to write this
[chris lombardi]
so just call me back and let me know when you got something. and if you don’t, i’m going to come to your house and i’m gonna f~cking k!ll you

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