letras de 1 trait danger – stfu

por favor espere um momento...

shut the f~ck up
shut your mouth and shut up
1 trait’s back, so it’s time to get the f~ck up
what’s the f~ck’s up
‘bardi ’bout to come up
baseball bat, yeah he gonna f~ck my knees up

where the tracks at?
where’s my money bro?
i got my axe back
i’m ’bout to k!ll you, yo

chop, chop, chop down both your knees like some trees while you’re screamin’ “lombardi, please!”

(~bardi please, ba~ba~bardi please
lombardi please
~bardi please, ba~ba~bardi please
where the tracks at?
where’s my money bro?
in the rocketship, but i’m not
but i’m not
bu~bu~but i’m not
but i’m not…)
write the songs, how hard could it be?
write the music, this sh~t ain’t easy
write the songs
i gotta write the songs

can’t think of sh~t, i dunno how to write
i used this joke on the last album, right?
i’m no shakespeare, no vonnegut
i don’t even know what a sonnet is
welcome to the slaughterhouse
you can’t even hide at your daughter’s house

you signed the contract with your blood
they suck the rest if you give ’em a dud
if you don’t make him the f~ckin’ stacks
with sufficient raps, with ten platinum tracks
he’s gonna come to your house with a baseball bat
and break both of your motherf~ckin’ legs in half

so you praise the lord to forgive your sins
so you praise the lord to forgive your sins…

(sick guitar solo)

(come on!)
(one two three, motherf~cker)

- letras de 1 trait danger

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