letras de 1 trait danger – rocket ship intro

por favor espere um momento...

hey how’s it going this is andrew from 1 trait danger. um, i’m emailing you today, uh, wondering if you might be interested in a collaboration with us? um, you probably haven’t heard of us, but we are signed to matador records and we have um, done, we’re kind of in the middle of a collaboration with another artist, but we were hoping to get a few more on the album so maybe~

“delete message! delete inbox! call elon.”


(elon musk)
“h~llo yep grimеs? uh, what’s up sweetie i’m uh, in the middle of a meeting right now.”

“what meeting”

“now grimеs, we talked about this before. please do not use your vocoder on me.”

“well i just got it.”

“what do you want?”

“i’m bored”

“uh thats uh~ that’s a shame sweetie why don’t you um~ why don’t you work on the demos for your new album?”

“i don’t have any ideas, i’ve been trying. let me go in your rocket ship!”

“grimes, we’ve been through this! we’ve been through this before go~ you cannot~ you can’t just go on a rocket ship.”
“yes i can, yes i can.”

“it takes years of training and a lot of training to get on a rocket ship.”

“bla bla bla, yeah but it takes you years of training but i’m a woman of sp~ce.”

“well, i don’t think thats true, um, grimes, i am~ i’m sorry i’m really busy right now.”

“i don’t give a sh~t if you’re busy.”

“grimes, i’ll~ i’m gonna talk to you later goodbye”

“f~ck you”

- letras de 1 trait danger

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