letras de 1 trait danger – gus

por favor espere um momento...

come on now, gus
come on
get on in here
yeah, come on, i know
it’s time to come on in
that’s a good boy

i bet you’ve never seen a horse with that special look
the kind in fantasy books
but i’ve got one, in a stable at home, tucked away in south dakota

have you ever met a horse like mine?

(ah yeah, sheriff, we got reports of a four legged beast causing a little bit of a ruckus down on main street. you might wanna check it out.)

i got a horse in the back of a truck, yeah i’m rural as f~ck
you’re a town boy, you’re a clown boy, step to me you’re gonna frown boy
i’m country
i eat meat, i eat grits, i eat corn and sh~t
pigs in the backyard, goats on the roof
what’s my wife gonna do?
make me go up there, make me clean it up, pig sh~t and guts
that’s the farm life. what you know about that? cause you farmed twice
you dug a hole in the ground and you found some worms in the second grade now you think you know how to farm?
f~ck that sh~t
clouds in the sky
tears in my eye
i think i’m gonna cry
my horse ran away
i think i’m gonna die
where you at, gus? where you at?
you better come back, gus. you better get back
(i hope you’re running free, among the trees)

have you ever met a horse like mine?
have you ever met a horse like mine?

yeehaw, mom’s in the back with the apple pie
yeehaw, dad’s in the back and he’s gonna die
he’s got dysentery, we got no doctors
cause it’s 1843
and it’s a country song, come sing with me

i wish my horse wasn’t dead
i wish i had more than one f~ckin’ friend
i’m rural
my horse is gone and i’m afraid i’ll never love again
gun to my head

cowboy gonna make that country banger (yup)

f~ck, gus
you son of a b~tch
how could you leave me like this, gus?
you were my only horse
come on back, gus
come on back



wait a second, gus is that you?


my only horse!
you have come back

gus, my old horse!
you have returned

gus, where did you get all that money?
gus, why do you have a big satchel of money on your back?
this is incredible
we’re rich, gus
we’re gonna ride off into the distance
you and me!

and there’s nothing, there’s nothing no cops can do about it
i don’t care how you got the money
let’s get outta here

put your f~ckin’ hands up


you’re coming with us, buddy
you and that stupid f~ckin’ horse
i don’t give a sh~t
i’ll give you 5 seconds
to get the money
get the horse and come the f~ck out here






what in tarnation?
what do you mean he’s getting away
i don’t give a sh~t what stallion he’s on
what horse he’s riding
what kind of four legged beast he’s cruisin’ on
you beer bellied sons of b~tches are gonna get that guy
and you’re gonna get gus
and you’re gonna get me that money
i’m sick of it
i’m sick of the excuses
i’m sick of this speedy son of a b~tch slipping through our hands

- letras de 1 trait danger

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