letras de 03 greedo & kenny beats – disco shit

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[intro: 03 greedo]
f-ck fame (aight, let’s do it)
used to traffic cocaine (mm, mm)

[verse: 03 greedo]
…you talkin’ lame, f-ck around, that full of lame sh-t
sh-t changed, now i got my money
disco sh-t, disco sh-t
just a finger in the air
disco sh-t, this is disco sh-t
trigger finger in the air…

[verse: 03 greedo]
i’m just on my ex b-tch, they tryna catch…

[chorus: 03 greedo]
f-ck fame, i used to traffic cocaine
i prefer to live another life (yeah, yeah)

[verse: freddie gibbs]
brought the kilos on the plane, 23, lebron james
got my package in the air now, yeah, now

- letras de 03 greedo kenny beats

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