letras de 0 hype – 647 cypher (intro)

por favor espere um momento...

40 minutes in, 40 minutes out (quick)
chest full of sin, and a mind full of doubt
best in the south of the north with his chest sticking out
416 to the 904+1 you can guess the amount
check the account
0 figures and i’m pressing pounds
dreaming bigger but i’m messing around
and i
know that i could do better
i’m a no-shower, trend-setter and a proof-getter
get the newsletter, let me know if you can use cheddar
to improve clever or to move better
sure, get a new sweater
move from the cool weather
keep your whole crew together
get your -ss a suit made of goose feather
anything to prove that you’re a true spender
anything at all just to numb and to stall when the truth settle

having yelling matches with sachin and ma6ic
talking ‘bout our plan of attack, will it happen?
can we capture the m-sses
without losing the p-ssion
can we include a distraction or two without losing the crew over bashing
heads in the clouds and i’m asking
should i look down when we landing
put on a crown and i’m gambling
loot on the ground but we standing
won’t sit back down ‘till we handed
a pool full of cash and a mansion
a few in advance would be cool if you asking
i’m in a mood and i’m lashing
swerving through traffic
gripping the wheel and i’m grasping
foot to the steel and i’m p-ssing 
in the rear mirror lights flashing
he’s getting nearer and i’m getting nervous
as soon as i heard it i’m crashing
fix it with aspirin
take a quick hit and i’m back to a b-st-rd
stumbling around like i’m plastered
but i’m just looking for answers
holding myself to a standard
little insane but i’m handsome
show me the game and i’ll show you the way that i plan to dismantle

- letras de 0 hype

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